Traders Hall Rules

The following is a list of details which may be of use for traders to know when applying to trade at our convention.


  • For our 5th year, the convention will run in NUI Galway from Friday the 16th to Sunday the 18th of January 2015.
  • A booth in our hall is free, however we are quite limited in the number of tables we have. We have been contemplating renting extra tables to be able to provide more tables per trader, but we would have to charge a small fee in order to cover the cost of renting them. If you believe that you will require extra tables, please be sure to voice as such either in your application form, or let me know at how you feel about this possibility.
  • The closing date for applications is December 1st, 2014. We recommend not leaving it until the last minute as servers can fail, particularly around Christmas exam time, which would crash the website and access to the application form. Those who have been accepted should receive an email stating so within the following week. While Akumakon does intend to respond to everyone, rejection emails may take longer to receive. If you have received no contact by Christmas, it is likely you have not been accepted.
  • The selection process is not ‘first come, first serve’. For ALL applicants, it will be a group vote by committee members using the applications forms you submit to decide. For this reason, we encourage really making a case for why you should get a place on the forms, even if you have been with us before.
  • Akumakon likes to keep the trader hall balanced, meaning most traders will be selling different kinds of wares. If you have a large selection of products, we suggest mentioning all product areas you would be willing to bring, and if you are willing to accept partial terms i.e. We’ve already accepted another trader who sells some of your wares, but would be willing to accept you providing you only sold the other half of your wares to avoid overlap.

Traders Hall Layout 2


  • The map shows the approximate layout for last year’s trade hall to use as a reference for what to possibly expect this year.
  • The traffic flow will come predominantly from the double doors by the front entrance, and occasionally from the panel room entrance on the hour. All other doorways will be shut during trade hours; although we can open one of the back emergency doors during Friday setup and Sunday close up if you need to drive heavy merchandise up as close as possible. The flow of traffic tends to be circular, both clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • The lighting source comes from both the high ceiling lights, the double glass by the front entrance, and a large window directly above the double doors.
  • The ceiling is at least two floors high, so unfortunately hanging objects from it is impossible..
  • Most traders will receive 1 to 2 tables, which the exception of a very good case made by a large store which can provide a diversity of in-demand merchandise.
  • No tables will be doubled up to increase width, so allow for thin, long displays.
  • There is usually a wall or dividing board behind almost every trader booth, so you can hang objects up once you remember your own supplies to stick them up with, provided it’s not nails or something crazy that would really damage the wall.
  • Akumakon will not provide any furniture for the booths, including table covers, extension cords, blu-tac or sellotape.
  • As mentioned above, there is the possibility of renting more tables provided there is enough interest. Should this occur, only the traders renting tables will pay the small fee, but only they will receive those extra tables. The fee is only to cover the actual cost of renting so the more traders involved, the cheaper it will be for all involved. You will find out more about this in December when the acceptance emails go out and we have a better gauge of the interest in renting.
  • You may voice a preference for locations you would prefer to be placed in the room, but we cannot guarantee any locations.



  • Traders must respond by January 1st to confirm their place as a trader. If you do not respond by then, your place will be given to the next trader on the waiting list.
  • If accepted, please confirm your expected time of arrival before 3pm, Friday the 16th January, 2015 as unless specified to be arriving late, if a trader has not at least begun to set up by 9am on Saturday morning, we will attempt to find another trader to fill that space.
  • Akumakon cannot take responsibility or insure any items you intend to ship over in advance. If you have a need to ship stock over in advance, please enquire at as the university itself cannot accept shipped packages.
  • Set up of the trade hall starts from 3pm on Friday the 16th, in which the trade hall is still closed to the public, and ends at approximately 9pm. Official open trade hours are from 10 am- 6pm Saturday, 10am- 5pm Sunday. Traders may begin setup on Saturday and Sunday at 9am.


Traders Only Open to public Traders Only
Friday 15:00 – 21:00
Saturday 9:00 – 10:00 10:00 – 18:00 18:00 – 19:00
Sunday 9:00 – 10:00 10:00 – 17:00 17:00 – 18:00
  •  There is no Wi-Fi access on campus, so please come prepared for this eventuality.
  • Change will be incredibly difficult to acquire if needed over the course of the weekend as all banks are closed and nearby convenience stores do not appreciate handing over large sums of change so please come adequately prepared. You will be surprised how fast coins and small notes will run out!
  • All traders must stick within their allocated spaces – no merchandise or personal effects sprawling over onto someone else’s space.
  • Absolutely no bootleg products.
  • No sale of signed merchandise without evidence of the signature being legitimate.
  • Children of all ages are permitted to attend the convention, so please be aware of what you display. Dakimakura’s and such should be displayed on their safe side only, and any 18+ material (this includes heavy gore and crude language, not just nudity) should be hidden away from small eyes.
  • Weapons policy: If it is legal to sell in the county of Galway, you are fine to sell it. We have an official weapons policy however which applies to attendees (Security and Prop Regulations) so it may be worth mentioning to any purchasers who buy an item bigger or heavier than a foam sword to be careful and stow it away safely for the course of the convention or it may be confiscated.
  • Where possible, please issue receipts. This will help security deal swiftly and efficiently with any problems which may arise.
  • All trader competitions and events (e.g. t-shirt toss, limited time sale or free items, raffles for purchasing attendees) must be cleared with the trade liaison beforehand, to ensure extra staff are around for any crowd build up in the hall, and to ensure we know who to contact in case of any competitions which do not follow through. Leaflets, business cards, DVD sample disks, catalogues, and coupons are exempt from this.
  • Do not take orders for items at your booth that cannot be fulfilled over the course of the weekend. Those kinds of orders are to be done on your personal website/Facebook/ Deviantart/Etsy/etc.
  • Your items will not be insured by the convention. The stalls will be located in the trade hall, which will be locked securely by night, and secured by security and staff members. If a problem arises, please contact staff and/or security immediately.
  • While not mandatory, we encourage all of our traders and artist alley participants to donate an item to the charity auction held on the Saturday night. The trade liaison will go around in person on the Saturday and ask if you have anything to donate – no one other than the trade liaison is permitted to do this, and you are well within your rights to donate nothing.
  • In order to avoid confusion, traders and assistants will be asked to wear in a visible position their trader pass while they are within the convention.
  • Only those with trader passes or Akumakon staff are allowed behind tables.
  • Please provide the full names of both trade booth staff members (tickets will only be issued for the names provided).
  • ALL trader staff must be over the age of 18.
  • Traders should be professional and polite to all staff, committee and attendees in both the lead-up to and during the convention.
  • If staff are available, and you have booked a time with the trade liaison, Akumakon will assign spare staff to your stall while you take lunch. It is expected that you return within a respectable time frame (depending on how many have booked, we will give a rough time estimate on the day).
  • Traders are permitted to share a booth should they wish. Should you be inclined to do so, please submit 1 application with details for everything being sold there, as applications are per space rather than per business.



To apply for a place in our trader hall, please fill out the Traders Application and submit it to us 🙂 Once you have applied, please allow up to one week after the closing date (December 1st) for processing time.

If you need to contact the trade liaison, would like to suggest an idea, or have query that has not been answered here, please contact