What is Akumaday you ask?

Akumaday is where we give everyone the chance to experience what Akumakon is like but on a bite-size scale. At Akumaday we’ll be having showings of anime, Card games, Video games, traders and a few other things we’ll keep secret until you get there….

Akumaday will be happening this year sometime this November.


Akumaday also gives all of you who haven’t yet, a chance to Buy your Pre-Reg tickets from us in person. You can also order any of our lovely Pre-Reg “Akumakon 7” merchandise when you buy your ticket as well. Remember that if you buy your tickets from us at Akumaday that you don’t need to visit the University SocsBox page here on the site. You will be registered and have access to the convention in January for the whole weekend.


See you all there!

Akumakon 2017 Committee