Artist Alley Rules, Video Game and Childrens Card Game Rules, Security and Prop Regulations, Cosplay and Skit Rules

Convention Rules

  • No running or “glomping”.
  • No screaming.
  • No signs e.g. “Hug me”
  • No throwing of any object e.g. Props, food etc.
  • Observe basic manners, ask people if you want to take a picture of their cosplay, apologise if you bump into people etc.
  • No pushing or shoving in queues.
  • You are required to display con pass at all times, persons not displaying, or without a con pass will be asked to leave the convention.
  • Persons caught stealing from traders/people will be removed from the convention and banned from any Akumakon Convention in the future.
  • No bullying, harassment or assault. Offenders will be removed from the convention and banned from the future conventions.
  • Pass holders must not allow their pass to be worn by anyone else.
  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse admission and to eject anyone from the venue for any reason.
  • “Pedo Bear” costumes are banned, anyone wearing one will be refused admission and asked to leave the grounds of NUI, Galway.
  • Attendees must carry photo identification at all times and may be ask to show it at any time.Accepted forms of photo identification are:
    • Driver’s or Provisional licence
    • Passport
    • Student ID (must have a photo and date of birth)
    • Garda National Age Card
    • European Identity Card
  • Attendees may not be permitted to use recording and/or photography equipment during certain panels or events, this will be clearly stated prior to the event.  We ask that you respect the wishes of the organisers, guests and panelists. Offenders will have their equipment confiscated for the remainder of the weekend and all data deleted.
  • Attendees should note that they may be photographed or filmed while in attendance of the convention by our staff to use as images and/or video for the Akumakon website and social media platforms.