Artist Alley Rules

The 2014 Artist Alley will have the following rules:

1: All work must be created by the artist themselves, plagiarism and use of bases are NOT accepted. Any artists found selling plagiarized work will be asked to leave immediately.

2: Only artists offered a table after a successful application can be issued a table in the alley.

3: There will be no sharing of tables in the alley. One table per artist.

4: Any artists unable to attend the convention to avail of their table can NOT give their table to another artist to use. Anyone showing up during the convention doing so will be asked to leave the table.

5: All Artist’s Alley applications are reviewed by the Akumakon Art Director. Any replacements or  dropouts before the convention must be made known to the Art Director at least 1 week in advance of the convention in order to contact another artist to fill the table. If the artist fails to do this the table will be left empty/removed.

6: If an artists application is successful, they must preregister for the convention to avail of a discount on their entry fee.

7: Artists will be assigned to tables. All tables will display the artist’s name.

8: Artists are encouraged to promote themselves by bringing business cards or any other form of promotional materials.

9: No artist can sell outside the alley. Any artist found doing so will be escorted out of the convention and have their entry badge confiscated. Only those approved to sell in the trade hall by the Trade Liaison, or the Artist’s Alley by the Art Director are authorized to sell. Akumakon staff will be extra vigilant this year to ensure none of these rules are broken.

 10: Closing date for applications is TBA.