Welcome to Akumakon

Akumakon is an Anime, Manga and Japanese Culture event that happens in, NUI Galway. Being one of the biggest events like this in the West of Ireland, we aim to provide a fun-filled weekend for our attendees every January. Events we hold include cosplay events, video game tournaments, Japanese culture events, nerd culture-related events, a pub quiz, special guests, a trade hall and performances from many talented people. In 2016, Akumakon experienced its most successful year to date. We were privileged to welcome over 950 attendees through our doors and raised almost €2,800 for charities.

This year we hope we will bring you just as much fun and excitement as last year. This time Eric Stuart, the voice of many beloved fan favorite cartoon characters such as Brock from Pokémon and Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh, will be helping us bring you a variety of entertainment and a live music performance. Aya Ikeda is our special guest from Japan, along with being a major singer back home, she is known in Japan for several anime openings such as the opening for Heartcatch Precure! To bring you your needed dose of quality cosplays, we have our dynamic duo of Lux Cosplay and Shappi Workshop. With their stunning works from various games ranging from Zelda to Smite and to popular series such as RWBY! We here at Akumakon are sure we’ll have something for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to get involved more with Akumakon you can check out our applications page here. Hope to see you in January 2017!!

Eric Aya Lux Shappi

If you have any questions feel free to contact us through our related emails here or through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

All the best,
The Akumakon 2017 Committee