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We Need You

Want to apply for something?
That's awesome! You're awesome!

Akumakon wouldn't be where it is now without you folks. Below you'll find applications for Volunteering, Panels, the Artists Alley, and the Trade Hall. Fill in whatever form tickles your fancy and we'll get back to you faster than it takes me to watch all of Naruto. From scratch. Yes the movies too.*

*A few working days, I swear. No, don't test me... Or look it up.

Want to help Akumakon be the very best? Like no con ever was? Then please fill out the form below! We wouldn't be able to run the event without you. While being a volunteer means helping out at the con, you'll of course have free entry and get free time to go explore Akumakon.
It's a win win.

Want to be helpful?
Host a Panel

Got a great idea for a panel? Want to host a panel in front of adoring fans? Let us know! We'll go through your proposal and get back to you as soon as possible.

Bring your Art

Apply for a table in the Artist Alley to sell all of your hand drawn Bunny Girl Senpai posters... and other stuff too I guess.


"Such riches! Perhaps I'll finally be able to afford a better robot."

Show your Trade
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