Cosplay @ Akumakon

So you're wondering about cosplay, eh? Fear not, I'm here to help! Without cosplay, we wouldn't be much of a convention!

Checkout the cosplay events we will be having at Akumakon, they're up on our timetable. The Cosplay Contest is on Saturday at 11am. Then on Sunday we have our Cosplay Skits at 4pm, you can signup for the skits here.

While we don't have any unreasonable rules about cosplay, we do have a list that you should check out before you decide on who to cosplay as. They're in the Rules section above.


This year Akumakon will be starting on Friday the 17th of January and will finish on Sunday the 19th of January. It will be taking place in Áras na Mac Léinn and the surrounding buildings.

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