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We've Got The Answers

You're saying I haven't covered everything already? I'm insulted. But I knew this would happen so there's some frequently asked questions below.

Also, meet our Con-Director Ailbhe!

What is Akumakon?

Akumakon is one of the longest running Anime and Manga conventions in Ireland. Held over a weekend, and run by students of The University of Galway, it is a non-profit convention with many events used to raise money for charity. Over a thousand people attended Akumakon 2020, making the convention one of the largest of its kind in Ireland. Ran every year (except 2021 and 2022 those don't count) since 2010, Akumakon 2023 will be our tenth event, and we're hoping to make it bigger and better than ever.

When is Akumakon 2023?

Akumakon 2023 will take place over the weekend of February 10th to the 12th. Our doors will open at 17:00 on Friday, and will close at 19:00 on Sunday.

Where does Akumakon take place?

Every year, Akumakon takes place on the campus of University of Galway (formally NUI Galway), in Áras Na Mac Léinn.

How much are tickets and where to buy them?

Our ticket options include:

  • The Weekend Pass @ €25 (Access for the full weekend)

  • The Day Pass @ €15 (Access for a single day)

Tickets are available on the day of the convention as well, subject to availability.

For children under 12, The Weekend Pass is €15 and The Day Pass is €10.

Children under 6 have free entry.

And of course, entry on Friday is free for all.

Will I be able to buy tickets online?

Not anymore but tickets will be available at the door!

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The entire venue is wheelchair accessible, with an elevator to the second floor. 

Do we have a con book?

Yes we do! It can be found here

Will I be able to buy food there?

Yes. There will be food from the Wa Cafe, Handsome Burger and Ember Firehouse Kebab available at the venue.

What if I have a question during the convention?

Feel free stop anyone wearing a volunteer or committee t-shirt. We're here to help!

My question wasn't here. What do I do?

If we've missed something, feel free to let us know! Fill out our Contact Us form here.

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