We love Panels! Be they informative, funny or just something completely different, you can be guaranteed to find something to your tastes. If you don’t know what a panel is, it is a talk! Someone or a group of people, get up on stage and talk to you using props, projected presentation or video clips, and talk to you about something he/she/they are passionate about or just want to inform people about. Panels can also take the form of Q&A sessions with people involved in the industry or a special guest talking about their life/experiences.


Workshops are the practical side of panels; they are similar but usually involve audience interaction. To use an example from last year’s Akumakon, we ran a Sewing Workshop for all those budding cosplay makers out there to teach them the basics of sewing correctly. If something proves to be difficult for everyone to get involved in, they can also be demonstrations on how to make/do something so that you could try it at home.

Pub Quiz (18+)

Nothing starts a weekend of anime and cosplay like getting drunk and roaring abuse at a quizmaster. Do you dare attempt to remember all that vast knowledge of anime while also getting heavily intoxicated?

Host Club

We sell men. Well, rent them technically. The host club returns for its third year! Pour over our delectable menu of men and choose your victim wisely… or not and just buy them all!… I mean rent… yeah.

Maid Café

Food or sweet confectionary and drinks, served to you by adorable maids. This has to be experienced!

Video Games

See the main page for more information on specifics but be you a WiiU, PS4 or XBox720 player, you will be pleased to know we will have a large range of games to choose from and tournaments to enter, all ran under the watchful eye of our Games Coordinator!

Card Games

It’s time to du-du-du-dududu-duel. Man, Yami really had a terrible stutter… Anyway, we will be running cardgames again this year! See the main cardgames page for more specific information!

Cosplay Masquerade

You need this event. You, the person who spent countless hours perfecting that cosplay (or a hell of a lot of money in buying it) you can now proudly wear. You need a stage, and music, and people. Practice that strut, your time to show off is here.