Committee 2016/2017

Akumakon 2017 Committee

And so the time of Akumakon as arrived again. To help prepare all of the awesomeness that Akumakon has brought to you over the years and for this year, we have our new round of suckers … err I mean committee members, to make this year the best yet!!!!

Con Director


James Broderick

As a co-founder of the convention, James is back again this year because James has a lot of vital experience in the organisation of our event (and because he’ll never ever leave, we kind of won’t let him) so he is currently sticking around to run all the hip-happenings of Akumakon ’17 for once!

Co-Con Director

Media, Advertising and Sponsorship Dictator/P.R.O.

Treasurer/Scrooge McDuck


Lee Murphy

 Seriously, this is the guy that refuses to pay me. I mean really, this lousy cat is so cheap I’m willing to bet he’d sell his mother to make a quick buck. Been here 3 years and he still ain’t paying me…

Cosplay Coordinator

Emma Babington

Emma Babington

And we have our fabulous Cosplay Coordinator for Akumakon 2017! Emma has been cosplaying since 2012 and loving every second of it! She’s a lover of cartoons, video games and an anime fangirl extraordinaire! Bringing characters to life and having a blast doing so! Have a look at her amazing photo shots here on here page:



Kitty Ryan

Our sassy, no-back talkin’ allowed Secretary Kitty will be here this year to make sure we all behave and do our work. Oh lord save us if one of us starts getting smart in a meeting…

Panel Co-Ordinator

Piotr Rydzewski

Piotr Rydzewski

Our overlord of all panels in the realm, Piotr will be our guide to making sure that the very best of funny, ridiculous, entertaining and enlightening panels will be shown here at Akumakon this year. And most importantly, carried out by YOU our wonderful panel hosts.

Staff Manager/ Minion Leader

Zach photo

Zach Grovel

The new leader of our glorious army of volunteers. Who will lead us into a new era of power!!

After constructing additional pylons of course.

Art Director


Shauna Cunniffe

 Akumakon’s Art Director for 2017 has returned to us again for another round of making us look pretty (seriously I love the new banner!). Bringing with her, her unique and chipper style that is sure to knock your socks off as soon  as you enter our halls this year! Check out her Facebook page here.



Kyle Lynch-Kurzawa

He doesn’t exist, except for in the Matrix, he is the one, the only, Kyle!

He is a gastronomical anomaly, an enigma. Maybe he is just an illusion, we may never know.

Society Auditor

Christina Hynes

Our wonderful Auditor to lead our society to wondrous new heights this year is our one and only Christina. Since she started in first year she’s been with us here in the society and we’re not letting her go just yet!


“James Broderick” Position

Eoghan Photo
Eoghan Doyle

Eoghan, known for his mad skills in whatever martial art that he knows…how would I know? I’m just someone you don’t know typing god knows where, about god knows who. Anyhow, he’s with us this year with his funky martial arts that all the cool kids are doing and he did an alright job as con director I guess... What could go wrong?

Games Coordinator

Guest Liason

Conor Roberts

Conor, a surgeon (legally we should say he’s not a licensed doctor or surgeon of any kind 😀 ) who fights crime in his spare time, has chosen us as his patient, a patient in need of his guiding light, or he’s here to kick ass…really it’s up to him, who am I? A cop? Hell no.

Card Games Coordinator

Trade Liaison


Michelle Moore-Temple

Is she cheeky? Yes. Is she always up for a bit of devilment? Of course not *wink*. Should you be afraid? Hell Ya!

Michelle has decided to board the hype train Akumakon and will make sure that all our fabulous passengers will be able to bring home something that suits your particular tastes. Whether it be manga, anime, sugar, posters, plushies, sugar or more sugar, she’ll guarantee you’ll leave our con with a smile on your face.

Special Events Coordinator

Blue Photo

Blue Hanley

And against better judgement, Blue Hanley vowed under the influence of refreshments to be the Special Events officer for the nth year running.

“Niall Finn” Position

Big Rua

Rua Griffin

As one of the corner stones of Akumakon last year, she has been given an honorary positions here in our little family and to provide us with endless advice on how to get food off of anyone on the committee.