Cosplay Rules

General Cosplay Rules:

  • No offensive/overly revealing clothing or costumes are permitted. Any cosplays worn must cover at least the same as a modest bikini/swimsuit. Anyone who violates this rule will be asked to cover up. Failure to do this will result in you being asked to leave the premises.
  • Cosplays must be suitable for a general audience.
  • Nudity is not permitted.
  • Suitable footwear must be worn at all times; bare feet are not permitted. Wheeled footwear (heelies, roller blades, roller skates etc) are not permitted inside the convention centre. They may be carried as a prop of but cannot be worn inside the convention centre.
  • Anyone who has a cosplay that will inhibit movement/vision/or impede the senses are recommended to have a ‘buddy’ to help escort you around the convention.
  • Cosplayers may not be connected/tethered/tied together in any manner.
  • Costumes associated with illegal activity, (eg. Pedobear), will not be permitted.


Cosplay and Harassment:

  • Harassment will not be tolerated in any form.
  • This includes but is not limited to: Verbal abuse, physical abuse, following, stalking, unconsented photography, unconsented recording, inappropriate physical contact and inappropriate sexual attention.
  • Cosplay is not Consent.
  • Approach cosplayers before you try to take a photo. Allow them to present themselves to best showcase their cosplay.
  • Try to avoid interrupting a cosplayer while they are on break; they need time to recharge their batteries and get ready to meet more con-goers and cosplayers.
  • Always treat cosplayers with respect.
  • If you suspect any cases of harassment or witness misconduct please inform a member of staff, security or a member of the committee.


Cosplay Masquerade:

  • To enter the masquerade for judging your cosplay must be from a known published source. (i.e. Anime, Video game etc). Original characters can be entered to showcase an individual’s work but they will not be judged.
  • Anyone under the ages of 13 years old who wishes to enter the masquerade must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 18 years old.
  • The origins of your cosplay must be specified. You must state, truthfully, on sign up if your cosplay is bought, hand-made, commissioned (this includes if a friend or parent/guardian has made it for you) or if it is a combination. If entrants provide false information and place in the competition they will be stripped of their title and prizes.
  • Judging will be based on the quality of the costume, the accuracy of the costume and the stage presence of the cosplayer. (You can’t forget the ‘play’ in cosplay!)
  • There will be two categories: Best overall Cosplay and Best Group.



  • All props will be inspected on arrival at the convention. Only approved props will be allowed to be carried around. Any props deemed to be too hazardous will be stored in the cloakroom and will only be allowed to be used in photo shoots and the Cosplay Masquerade.
  • If anyone is found to be miss-using props in a manner deemed dangerous to other attendees, will have their props confiscated with no guarantee of the prop being returned.
  • If you wish to use airsoft guns/pellets guns as props they must be unloaded and shown to be non-functioning.
  • For full terms and conditions in please see the security section of the website.


Junk to Cosplay Rules:

  • There is an age limit of 12+ on this event.
  • Sign-up for Junk to Cosplay will be available during the convention weekend.
  • Teams are made up of 4 people only – the cosplayer and the construction team. Cosplayers are also allowed to contribute to all the construction work.
  • Anything created must still follow all cosplay rules.
  • Only props or costume pieces constructed during the 40minute construction time will be considered during the judging period of the competition.
  • Only equipment provided may be used during the construction period.
  • Teams will be randomly allocated a number to determine who will get first choice of scraps and materials.