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Special Guests

Every year we welcome guests from all over the world, be it from Japan, the UK, America or Ireland. This year is bigger and better than ever.

Check out our guests for Akumakon 2024 below!


The University of Galway is a pretty easy place to find but if you're having difficulty we're here to help. We even put a pin on the map below. See? We do care.


Con Book

Have a look at the Akumakon 2024 Con Book, filled with all of the info you could possibly need during the con!

About Akumakon

Akumakon is one of the longest running Anime and Manga conventions in Ireland. Held over a weekend each year, and run by the University of Galway Anime and Manga Society, it is a student-led non-profit convention with, with all profits going to charity. Over two thousand people attended Akumakon 2023, making the convention one of the largest of its kind in Ireland.

Ran every year (except 2021 and 2022, those don't count!) since 2010, Akumakon 2024 will be our eleventh event, and we're hoping to make it bigger and better than ever. Find out more information about Akumakon, our committee, and what we do, on our About page.

Our Charity Partner

We are proud to be partnered with Galway Autism Partnership for Akumakon 2024. All funds raised for charity will be donated directly to them! Check out their website below to see the wonderful work they are doing for Galway.

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